Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 3/23/11

Welcome to this special midweek episode of Purple Row Radio!

On this edition, Andrew and I discuss:
- Matt Reynolds, Franklin Morales, Rex Brothers and the state of lefty relief depth in the organization.
- Reminiscence of Garrett Atkins in the late 2000s.
- More thoughts on the fifth starter battle, as Andrew explains why he's more impressed with Greg Reynolds this Spring than Esmil Rogers.
- The amusing trivia behind the Clay Mortensen acquisition.
- The effect the amassing of mid-upper tier pitching talent at the AAA level of the Rockies organization will have over the next couple of years.
- Why Rogers and Reynolds are both lucky this starter battle won't mean the end of a Rockies career for the loser due to rules regarding free option years.

We'll be back on our regular schedule this Monday 3/28 with our end of the Spring show. The following week, on 4/4, we'll begin our discussion of the regular season. As always, please post anything you'd like to see us talk about in the future.

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