Sunday, March 13, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 3/14/11

Welcome to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I welcome our first official PRR guest, Matthew Muzia of SB Nation Denver.

During the show, we discuss the (nice) following topics and more:

- How very nice it is to see a first base prospect on the radar again in Ben Paulsen.
- How very nice it is to see Greg Reynolds of some significance in the organization's plans again (even if it will be only for a short time)
- How very nice it is to see Todd Helton quelling worry once again regarding his health this Spring.
- How very nice it would be to see Helton play well for another few seasons and make a serious run for the Hall of Fame.
- How very nice it would be if Jonathan Herrera or Eric Young Jr.'s talents could translate into big league production.

And most importantly...

- Does Greg really like Bronson Arroyo? REALLY? Or is this contrarian nonsense? You decide.

How very nice. I feel like I've been repeating myself.

Check out Matt's writing at SB Nation Denver, and keep an eye out for him in the comments section at Purple Row under the tag Muzia.

As always, please drop your comments and questions into the comments section and we will address them on our next show, time permitting.

Important Scheduling Note: Andrew will be out of town this weekend, so the podcast will be delayed 1-2 days next week, meaning the show will be up on either Tuesday 3/22 or Wednesday 3/23. We'll see you then.

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