Thursday, March 22, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 3/23/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I are joined by one of Purple Row's newest contributors, Craig Baker. Baker was a 4th round pick by the Rockies in 2006, and played in our system through Spring Training 2011.

Come listen to us ramble about the following topics, and more:
- Is the fact that everyone (including me, apologies in advance for the terrible voice) in Denver is suddenly getting sick somehow related to the recent local football changes?
- A breakdown of all of the potential candidates at the third base position, including some discussion on Jordan Pacheco, Brendan Harris, and even the possibility of Michael Cuddyer.
- An update on everyone's thoughts on the fifth starter battle, including the return of Jamie Moyer.
- Craig explains some of the humorous fan encounters players have during Spring Training.
- What did Craig feel were the most notable upgrades Salt River Fields provided to the players?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 3/16/12

Welcome to another edition of Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I discuss the following topics and a LOT more:

- Where does Neifi Perez rank among the worst baseball players of all time?
- Will Brandon Wood sneak into a starting third base role this Spring?
- On the spot decisions about who has the edge for the final rotation spot at this point.
- Joshes and Matts.
- Silly online MLB depth charts.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 3/9/12

This year, Purple Row Radio will be going up on Friday mornings. We're unsure if we'll be doing a show this next week (it will depend on whether or not there is enough material worth discussing; Spring Training podcasts can be rather dull), but there should definitely be one up March 23rd at the latest.

On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:
- Our favorite "premature Spring Training conclusions" based off the first few games of the season.
- More seriously, what are our impressions of certain things the team is banking on to succeed this season?
- Alex White's DUI troubles; how will they and should they contribute to his role with the team this year?
- Ubaldo Jimenez' recent interview that he was looking to be traded a year ago at Spring Training.
- A whole lot of other nonsense.