Thursday, May 31, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 6/1/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew and Paul trade places, with Paul out of town and Andrew back on the show.

On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:
- What Andrew missed during his time in Switzerland.
- Jamie Moyer's designation for assignment.
- How much chance is there that Josh Rutledge is next year's opening day second baseman from this point?
- How does minor league camp in Spring Training work for NRIs?
- Three players the Rockies have been tied to in the upcoming MLB first year player draft: Courtney Hawkins
, Max Fried and Kyle Zimmer.
- Dexter Fowler's month of may, and how fan perception of him has changed since 2011.

Note: It had not yet been announced that Josh Outman would be starting Friday's game.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 5/25/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:

- Why we're confused about Dick Monfort's decision to "accept responsibility" for the team's failures.
- Why we think Monfort's statement doesn't make sense and accomplishes little.
- Comparisons of fanbases, and how sometimes fans feel as though only their own team / manager / ownership is faulty when we hear these complaints from everywhere.
- Revisiting the decision to fire Clint Hurdle, and how managerial firings may or may not impact baseball teams moving forward.
- What is there to read into regarding the organization's failure to develop long-term MLB pitchers? Is there a systemic problem somewhere along the chain?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 5/18/12

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, while Andrew fends off wild animals in Switzerland, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:

- The current state of the Rockies and why we're both surprised people developed such high expectations for 2012.
- What exactly was the team's plan this offseason, and what do we see it as going forward?
- How do the issues reflected upon this 2012 squad reflect upon the team's front office?
- With the array of young pitching in our possession, what do we expect to become of these players in the near future?
- Dexter Fowler's 2012, and his development as a player overall.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 5/11/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio. On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I are joined once again by former Rockies minor league pitcher Craig Baker. As a friend and peer of Christian Friedrich, Baker has lots of insight on the newest Rockies pitcher, who made his MLB debut on Wednesday. Even better, he actually got to watch the game, while the rest of us were stuck with audio, if anything at all.

Listen as we discuss the following topics and more:
- Craig discusses his impressions, positive and negative, of Friedrich's start, and breaks down his overall skills as a pitcher.
- What does Craig think might have been holding Friedrich back over the past couple of years? What sorts of injury concerns did he have in 2010?
- Craig reveals tons of fascinating information on the relationship the front office has with the minor league players, how they formulate their opinions on them at a distance, and how that can lead to misconceptions of a player's character.
- We discuss what is going to happen to Friedrich in the near future, as the returns of Jeremy Guthrie, Jorge De La Rosa and perhaps eventually Jhoulys Chacin will soon be sending at least two more youngsters back down.
- A breakdown of what situations might lead to Jamie Moyer being sent to the bullpen or released.
- Andrew's upcoming vacation.

One other note: the quality of this episode is a bit lower than normal. Both my normal production and post-production processes went through version changes and other randomness this week, so give me some time to adjust and hopefully the sound will be back to normal soon

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 5/4/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:

- Recap of the month of April, and some of the early stories of the season.
- The differences between line drives and fly balls.
- Carlos Gonzalez' amazing week.
- The demotion of Jhoulys Chacin, and who could replace him (we learned about Carlos Torres taking the job after we recorded this)
- Rex Brothers, and how he should he handled in this time of struggle.

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