Monday, May 30, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 5/30/11

Welcome to another edition of Purple Row Radio! On this edition, we discuss:

- Why Greg is surprised that the Rockies chose to cut Jose Lopez when they did.
- With Lopez and Alfredo Amezaga the most recent roster removals, are Eric Young Jr. and Chris Nelson viable replacements in the long term?
- What might the Rockies do with their four new open slots on the 40 Man Roster?
- Who will be the next Jason Giambi for the Rockies?
- What paths to the majors are laid before Charlie Blackmon at this point?
- What did we think of Juan Nicasio's start on Saturday (even though neither of us saw it)?
- Andrew shares some stories from his trip to see the Sky Sox on Saturday, including thoughts on Aaron Cook's most recent (and presumably final) rehab start.
- What would the show be like if Andrew and I could afford to make a "real" podcast?

Be warned; my side of the conversation was mixed too hot (in other words, I had the wrong data up when I was editing the podcast and didn't realize my voice was peaking way too high), so you might not want to have your volume up at full blast for this one.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 5/23/11

Welcome to the newest edition of Purple Row Radio! Hear Andrew and I discuss the following things and more:

- Loud parties.
- Felipe Paulino's season to the point of his designation for assignment.
- Will Paulino clear waivers and will he be outrighted to the Sky Sox?
- How long will Greg Reynolds remain with the team?
- Memories of recent obscure Rockies starters.
- The Sky Sox rotation and its current state.
- Why Greg is angry with Rockies fans regarding the treatment of Franklin Morales.
- Is the bullpen usage going to be any different with only one lefty in Matt Reynolds?
- Matts, Joshes and Jasons.
- Andrew shares his thoughts on the current state of the offense in comparison to the beginning of the season and a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 5/16/11

Welcome to another edition of Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:
- Rain.
- The Rockies' various troubles over the past week.
- How Andrew and I use Twitter to follow the baseball community.
- Extended Spring Training and the upcoming short season teams.
- Ian Stewart's second demotion, and whether or not a trade should be looked into.
- Is Josh Fields a viable option at third base later in the year?
- Aaron Cook's rehab assignment, and what a Cook return means for Clay Mortensen.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 5/9/11

Welcome to this very sickly edition of Purple Row Radio. I do not get sick very often, but when I do, it's bad. Even though the editing process has confirmed that I sound okay, recording this one and then editing it was tough. During the interview with Ted, I could just feel it coming on. By the time we recorded the rest, I was mostly dead.

Not that I want sympathy; just an understanding that even though the quality of this episode was not really worse than usual, it sure feels like it for me. I'll be collapsing into bed just after posting this.
On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:

- The ugly performance of the Rockies offense this week.
- Is Felipe Paulino on the chopping block, and why does Andrew feel the team and the fans are being too hard on him?
- The complications of assigning blame when it comes to the causality of a baseball game loss (a topic that requires a lot more health on my part to really explore.)
- We welcome in Ted Berg to discuss the Mets.
- Ted, who is such a big fan of Taco Bell he has an entire section devoted to it on its website, laughs with us at the infamous Carlos Gonzalez taco bell commercial.
- Ted breaks down the Jose Reyes situation (regarding a potential trade, as well as his history over the past couple of years) and defends him as a top shortstop in the league.
- How has David Wright changed since the ballpark swap for the Mets?
- The Mets rotation: what's working and what isn't? (In the time since we recorded this segment, Chris Young has gone on the disabled list.)
- When will Johan Santana recover from surgery, and is there cause for the Mets to be worried because this particular injury has finished the careers of other big pitchers?

Don't forget to read Ted's work at TedQuarters or follow him on Twitter.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 5/2/11

On this edition of Purple Row Radio, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:

- Carlos Gonzalez' offensive performance this weekend.
- Ubaldo Jimenez: what's wrong and how to fix it?
- The Rockies bullpen and why it deserves more credit than we've been giving it.
- What does Greg think is the main difference in the attitude of the team between 2010 and so far in 2011?
- We bring in Jim McLennan to preview the Diamondbacks series this week.
- What does Jim see regarding the futures of Stephen Drew and Justin Upton?
- What does Jim think of our old friend Melvin Mora, as well as first baseman Russell Branyan?
- How do the three of us think the Rockies and Diamondbacks feel about each other as opposing franchises in terms of the similarities and differences between our teams?
- Greg and Andrew's thoughts on Juan Nicasio's superb start to the season at AA Tulsa, and a few notes on Tyler Matzek's development.

Don't forget to check out Jim McLennan's writing at AZ Snake Pit.