Monday, April 25, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 4/25/11

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio! On this edition, Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:

- Andrew's Saturday morning.
- The acquisition of Brad Emaus: who he is as a player, and why he was available.
- The demotion of Ian Stewart.
- Why is our team carrying eight pitchers? Who could be called up as a fifth position player for the bench? What does this mean for Clay Mortensen?
- Our AAA depth, and why we have stockpiled so many "AAAA" type players there. Why is this different from previous years?
- The Jason Giambimobile, and other vehicular metaphors.
- The near no-hit flirtations of Tim Lincecum and Anibal Sanchez (we recorded this before the game against Josh Johnson yesterday, so he wasn't included). 

We've had a good string of guests lately, but there will still be weeks like this one where we are unable to secure one in time. Don't forget that you're always welcome to leave potential topics for a future show in the comments for us to see.

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