Monday, April 18, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 4/18/11

On this edition of the show, Andrew and I discuss the following things and more:

- Sushi.
- Why we have no reason not to be satisfied with what we got from Alan Johnson's start.
- The unstoppable Jonathan Herrera.
- Dexter Fowler's offense over the past week compared to the season overall.
- Todd Helton's production.
- We are joined by Grant Brisbee to discuss the upcoming Giants series.
- What does Grant thing of the much discussed Brandon Belt, but will we even see him this series with Cody Ross on the way back?
- What did Grant and Greg think of the 30 minute preview of Showtime's new documentary series The Franchise?
- Why is Aubrey Huff so bad in the outfield this year (or why was he not so bad in 2010?)
- Why does Coors Field make Grant so incredibly nervous?
- We breakdown the pitching matchup for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's games.

Read Grant at McCovey Chronicles and SBNation Baseball.

To see the free preview of The Franchise discussed on the show, click here.

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