Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple Row Radio - 4/27/12

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio. On this edition, Andrew returns from his two week dinner trip, while simultaneously, Paul got lost in the woods and had an encounter with killer clowns, and couldn't make the show. He's okay, by the way. Except psychologically.

Listen to Andrew and I discuss the following topics and more:
- Five minutes of random behind the scenes nonsense.
- Injuries around MLB, including Michael Pineda and Mike Pelfrey.
- Christian Friedrich's injury, and why we hope the recovery time is quick.
- Greg explains to Andrew why Tyler Chatwood was probably the replacement for Josh Outman instead of Edgmer Escalona.
- Going forward, how will the bullpen need to change when Outman is ready to be activated?
- Esmil Rogers' success as a reliever this year so far.
- More future of the rotation topics.

Blogger has redesigned their system and is refusing to make the post title link directly to the podcast, so from here on out, I will be doing it below as I do on Purple Row itself. So click below to download the podcast.

Purple Row Radio - 4/27/12

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