Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purple Row Radio - 2/21/11

Purple Row's official podcast is back with a new title, new features, and many more new things.

This introductory episode, however, is much like our old show Rowbot Radio. On this episode, Andrew Martin and I discuss the following topics.

- The new podcast format.
- Why some fans have more confidence in Jose Lopez than others.
- Eric Young Jr's role in the organization through this year and next, and how it relates to Hector Gomez.
- Our first impressions from what we've seen from the new Scottsdale Facility, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.
- The Rockies' choice to take it easy on their pitchers early in the Spring.
- Desperate begging for some listener feedback.

Here's the deal everyone. On the new show, we're going to devote at least 5 minutes every show to discuss questions and comments from listeners. We made the same promise last year, but people stopped sending in stuff so we forgot about it. But this year, we need a lot less hour long ramblings between just Andrew and I. In addition to regular guests, we want the listeners to have some control over the content we choose to cover.

So please, either in the comments or through e-mail, let Andrew and I know what you want discussed on a future show.

I'd like to thank Purple Row's own Hollidayrain for once again allowing us to use his music for the show. The piece that is there now is temporary, and at some point when schedules allow, we're going to produce a piece specifically for the show.

I'd also like to thank Purple Row's Charlie77 and oo nrb (as well as anybody else who took the time to submit a logo) for providing us with two awesome new logos for Purple Row Radio.


  1. I'm pretty sure you could have found worse intro music somewhere---I just don't know where.

  2. The artist has more stuff, we just haven't decided on something better